ChatGPT – AI Chat, AI Friend v1.6 b16 [Pro] [Mod] Download

ChatGPT – AI Chat, AI Friend v1.6 b16 [Pro] [Mod]
Requirements: 5.1 and later
Overview: ChatGPT – AI Chat AI Friend is an AI chatbot and typing assistant based on advanced ChatGPT technology. Our AI model uses the same Chat GPT 3 AI technology that was used by ChatGP. If you have any questions about anything in any area

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One of the main features of the application is that as an AI author. It can understand and answer many types of questions because the AI ​​system has been trained with a large amount of data through a machine learning process. This also makes it a perfect AI personal assistant, understanding and responding to a wide variety of inputs in the most natural and human-like manner. Whether you want to chat about a specific topic, ask for information or need help with a task, chatbot gpt will always answer you quickly and accurately. You can also copy and quickly share responses from the AI ​​chatbot. ChatGPT – AI Chat AI Friend is an expert in every field, with some standout areas for example:

Legal Experts: If you need advice on a dispute or want to ask questions about the applicable law of a contract type, don’t hesitate to ask questions because the chatbot’s gpt answers are available in seconds.

Educator: If you want to know more about an event in history, different ways to solve a math problem, a reference essay, regarding pollution, etc., ask our education experts right away.

Travel Experts: If you are planning a trip but have not yet defined a destination chat with AI, this will provide detailed and comprehensive information about attractive travel destinations. Or you can find out about any place on your own adventure trip.

Another great feature is the ability to understand humans as a talking AI app. This talking AI app uses machine learning algorithms to learn from your interactions so it can adapt better to your needs to better understand your preferences and then tailor the app’s responses to your specific needs. However, it’s not an offline chatbot, so you still need the internet to use it. To make this AI friend bot easier and more convenient for users to share information or chat with AI chat bot, our AI writer also supports many different languages ​​and you can switch languages ​​in just a few minutes. It also helps make the AI ​​gpt chat more and more effective as a companion for anyone in need of a soulmate. Example, if you need a chatbot friend, get him now.

In addition, every conversation or answer to your problems from the AI ​​chatbot will be stored indefinitely in the history section, which will help you to find and check the information you need at any time, and vice versa, if you don’t want to keep it, you can delete it at any time.

More than a machine ChatGPT – AI Chat AI Friend understands and cares about you. From there, night mode is built in to protect your eyes in the dark.

In short, ChatGPT – AI Chat AI Friend offers you the most advanced and convenient way to communicate with an AI friend bot. The user-friendly optimized and highly intuitive user interface makes it easy to interact with the natural AI chatbot like a friend. Download the app today and start chatting with the AI ​​chatbot and you’ll always have support with problem tasks at work or learn answers to all your life questions. Gain a special soulmate and personal AI assistant who will never turn their backs on you improve your own writing skills. We will keep improving to bring you the most perfect assistant and companion – Chatgpt Pro do not hesitate to leave comments and 5-star ratings.

Disclaimer: This app is in no way officially affiliated with OpenAI gpt nor does it admit it.

〘 All-in-One Mod Extra Patch Applied 〙
◉ Removed ad-related activities and codes;
◉ View calls methods that have been overridden;
◉ Display layout visibility disabled (Dex+Res);
◉ Advertising receiver damaged;
◉ Disabled / Removed unwanted permissions + receivers + providers + services;
◉ AOSP compatible (no Google);
◉ Kotlin calls removed;
◉ Removed native crashlytics SDK;
◉ Removed screenshot restrictions;
◉ Removed root detection;
◉ Removed Split APK repacking files (Manifest+Res);
◉ Cleaned up manifest and apk root path;
◉ Google Play Store installer package verification disabled;
◉ Google Play services signature verification confirmed;
◉ Removed Google Play Billing/Analytics;
◉ Google Play games disabled;
◉ Yandex Metrica / Analytics disabled;
◉ Removed debug code including .sources tags;
◉ Original package signature changed;
➥ Modified by ZackModz

Note: All patches have been applied, but some may not take effect if corresponding removal codes are missing from the APK.

Additional information:
◉ Pro / Paid Features Unlocked;
◉ Review popup disabled;
◉ Optimized and cleaned resources;
◉ Languages: Fully multiple languages;
◉ CPUs: armeabi-v7a, armeabi, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
◉ Screen DPIs: 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;

What’s new:
Optimize AI ChatGPT
Increase AI response speed and content

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