Hearts – Expert AI v4.43 [adfree] Download

Hearts – Expert AI v4.43 [adfree]
Requirements: 8.0 and later
Overview: Design your own Hearts game. You set the point values, the AI ​​plays along!


Play many popular variants: Standard, Omnibus (Ten or Jack of Diamonds), Team, Spot, Hooligan, Pip, Black Maria and more!

Design your own Hearts variant. Match the cards to their point values. Let the AI ​​play your favorite variant!

Only learn hearts? NeuralPlay AI shows you suggested passes and plays. Play and learn!

Experienced Hearts player? Six levels of AI play are offered. Let NeuralPlay’s AI challenge you!

Features are:
• Hints.
• Cancel.
• Repeat hand.
• Skip hand.
• Detailed statistics.
• Play pass and checkers.
• Check the play of the hand trick by trick.
• Unique thinking AI to provide a strong AI opponent for different rule variations.
• Claim. Call in the remaining tricks when your hand is high.
• Successes.
• Leaderboard.
• Offline game.

Rule adjustments include:
• Hand over directions. Choose which passing directions to include in the game: hold, left, right, and across.
• Number of cards to be handed over. Choose between 3 and 5 cards.
• Initial guidance. Choose whether the two of clubs leads or leads to the left of the dealer.
• Points on the first trick. Choose whether or not to allow points for the first stitch.
• Hearts can be guided at any time. Choose if hearts need to be broken before they are led.
• Queen of spades breaks hearts. Decide whether playing the Queen of Spades will break hearts or not.
• Assign your point values ​​to the cards. Design your own Hearts variant.
• Team. Opt for the players to sit opposite each other on the same team.
• Shoot at the moon. Choose to add points, subtract points, or disable Shooting the Moon.
• Shoot at the sun.
• Fun scoring triggers. Choose whether a score of 100 or 50 should go back to 0 points.
• Double score card.

What’s new:
– AI improvements.
• User interface improvements.

Thank you for your suggestions and feedback!

The app has no ads

More info:

Code: select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neuralplay.android.hearts

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