IoT MQTT Panel Pro v0.40.50 [Paid] Download

IoT MQTT Panel Pro v0.40.50 [Paid]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: With this application you can manage and visualize IoT projects based on the MQTT protocol.


With this application you can manage and visualize IoT projects based on the MQTT protocol.

With this app you can create a DIY smart home project in a minute. The configurations are very simple. Well-documented FAQ and user guide are available on the application info page.


1. Designed to run in the background 24/7
2. Supports both MQTT (TCP) and Websocket protocols (useful networks specially restricted by firewalls).
3. SSL for secure communication.
4. JSON support for subscribe and publish messages.
5. Panels subscribe to and/or automatically publish the topic and are thus updated in real time.
6. Designed to work efficiently with public brokers (using device prefix).
7. Sent and received timestamp from broker.
8. Material design.
9. Flexible panel width, merge any panels
10. More than 250 icons to customize specific panels.
11. Dark theme for comfortable use in low light.
12. Clone connection, device or panel for hassle-free configuration
13. Import/export application configuration to easily share with multiple devices.
14. Runs in background and reconnects automatically.
15. Notification upon receipt of message.
16. Persistence export message for log and graph.

Available Plates:
-LED display
-Combo box
-Radio knobs
-Multi-state display
-Linear progression
-Circular progress
-Vertical knife
-measuring device
-Color Picker
-Time selection
-Text input
-Text log
-Line diagram
-Bar graph
-URI launcher
This list will be expanded based on user feedback.

Note: This app is still in beta and will be matured based on your constructive feedback. If you find any problem, please leave a comment on my blog with reproduction steps.

What’s new:
In this version I rewrote the core logic. It brought a huge increase in performance. Now the background service consumes at least 25 times less battery. You can run this app on your phone 24/7.

New Pro Features
– Export data (CSV and JSON) for persistence panels e.g. B. Text Log and Line Chart

Bug fixes and improvements
– Fixed data loss issue during Android OS upgrade
– Text log and line graph can now store up to 1000 messages
– UI fixes for newer devices
– Security improvement

The app has no ads

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