Jane’s Farm: Farming games v9.13.0 [Unlimited Money] Download

Jane’s Farm: Farming Games v9.13.0 [Unlimited Money]
Requirements: 5.1+
Overview: Farm simulator in which the player immerses himself in the life of Jane and her happy family. Family Adventure, Farming Simulator Game! Welcome to Jane’s Farm!


Farm simulator in which the player immerses himself in the life of Jane and her happy family. Family Adventure, Farming Simulator Game! Welcome to Jane’s Farm!
Hey farmer! On this day you will meet Jane and her new family farm that she just bought. Jane’s Farm is a whole Klondike full of treasure and adventure awaiting you. A real, big, golden farm! Together with Jane you build a new, big and beautiful farm. Your whole big family will help you too! Players all over the world play our farm adventure games on family farm islands. Game application for phones and tablets about building and developing a family farm.

Grandma is a real seamstress, she knows how to care for different types of plants and will teach you well! She knows everything about vegetable gardens, fields, orchards and crops.

Grandpa is a skilled strategist when it comes to selling different types of produce and crops. He knows who is worth trading with and how to establish contacts with business partners around the world. He will help you turn your farm into a real treasure island!

Jane’s husband always offers genuine support and protection! He is a jack of all trades and knows how to build buildings. Build a real farm villa for Jane! He knows how to fix animal enclosures, mine rocks, cut wood, and he can teach you anything!

With his help, the farm becomes an entire farming community, a cozy oasis for the whole family. A green paradise among all farms. In Jane’s farm town, the possibilities are endless.

A lot of different types and species of animals, plants, trees and shrubs, production buildings, goods, items, recipes, interesting and unique quest tasks for hundreds of hours of exciting game available for breeding. World holidays and unique decorations for your farming simulator game! Various competitions and duels with friends and other players. Global trade with different people on the world map. Caravans and routes, different delivery methods. The ability to help your friends on their farms and receive help from them. Unique buildings available to unique players. Find out the secret of how to build them. You are the lucky farmer in the game Jane’s Farm. Huge farming town! Farm frenzy in our game, mobile application. Jane’s Farm is a family farm! family farm town. Farm Rush on the Jane family farm!

Jane’s Farm is a huge farming empire! A real, unique farm simulator for the whole family and players! Build a farm town and improve your skills! Mobile game application in the world of farmers and builders! Jane’s Farm Simulator is a real Klondike mobile farm building game! A real golden green farm in your phone or tablet! Play with your friends and the whole family. Join alliances and reach incredible heights! Jane’s Farm is a family farm, your family island of farming adventures. Your family business! The family farm adventure starts now! Adventure island family farm! Farming game where players can compete and participate in world tournaments. Casual simulator of a real farm around the world! Farming Family Island for your mobile device. Family farm adventures with animals and plants.

Our farming games are a true Klondike of family adventures on Jane’s very own farm! An interesting and entertaining farm simulator where the player will get acquainted with Jane’s amazing family and their green farm. Jane’s Farm family sim with real time crops, animals and farm building. City farm in a heavenly place. By playing our game you will become a member of Jane’s big family! Play farm building simulator for mobile applications in real time. Jane’s Farming Game offers you adventure, rest and relaxation on a magical family island farm. Play our farming games Jane’s Farm and Land of Legends!

What’s new:
Get to know the new zone on your farm. More land for your garden beds and new functions for your workers.
Build a house for Bob and get a great helper.
6 more new missions from the Trading Company.
Trading Company events are now added every week – which means more rewards.
Of course, Mike has not forgotten about Valentine’s Day and is preparing gifts for his beloved Jane.

★★★ Mods ★★★
Money and energy are not wasted.

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