LingoDeer – Learn Languages v2.99.216 [Premium] Download

LingoDeer – Learn Languages ​​v2.99.216 [Premium]
Requirements: 5.0+
Overview: Keep fit by learning Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French or German!

Would you like to learn a new language such as Japanese, French, Spanish or Korean on your own? Try LingoDeer!


Would you like to learn a new language such as Japanese, French, Spanish or Korean on your own? Try LingoDeer!

Course offerings for English speakers:

Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Italian and Vietnamese.

What can LingoDeer do for you?

※ Learn to read and write a language with a unique alphabet system such as B. Korean or Japanese

※ Learn to form sentences in your own words by following a structured course

※ Learn essential vocabulary and grammar from beginner to intermediate level (A1-B1)

※ Improve listening and improve pronunciation with HD recordings from native speakers

※ Reinforce learning with various review activities: flashcards, quizzes, goal training and more

※ Track your progress and stats

※ Download lessons to study offline

What makes LingoDeer different? his teacher.

Rather than relying on users to figure things out, LingoDeer offers a structured, clear, and motivating path to fluency.

By providing the most structured curriculum among the apps and clear grammar explanations, LingoDeer allows users to build sentences in their own words, not just memorize and repeat from a phrasebook.

As a result, users get a clear sense of progress by following this path and can keep their motivation long-term.

Additionally, the variety of activities supported by LingoDeer gives users the flexibility to personalize their learning. From speaking exercises to food allergies to word practice with flashcards or 5-minute pop quizzes during your lunch break, let LingoDeer surprise you with every session.

If you don’t know where to start learning a new language, start with LingoDeer.


You need a LingoDeer membership to access all courses and features.


Found a bug? Let us know and help us make LingoDeer better!


Mod info:
⊙ Premium features unlocked
⊙ AOSP Compatible / No Google
⊙ Universal architecture
⊙ Multilingualism
⊙ Debug info removed
⊙ Original signature changed

What’s new:
Now the Me tab is more detailed and engaging! See all your stats & achievement challenges at a glance!

– Get a quick summary of your learning statistics. Expand the Words & Phrases module to see how you’ve progressed in each of your languages. You deserve to feel fulfilled!

– Participate in achievement challenges and reach your goals faster! Happy learning, let’s stay motivated!

– No features have been removed in this update.

Check out your updated profile and happy learning!

The app has no ads

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