LingQ- Learn 42 languages: Spanish, French, German v5.3.5 [Premium] Download

LingQ- Learn 42 Languages: Spanish, French, German v5.3.5 [Premium]
Requirements: 6.0+
Overview: Learn languages ​​by immersing yourself in a world of interesting, authentic content!


Learn languages ​​by immersing yourself in a world of interesting, authentic content!

Learn with LingQ, the smart language app with SRS that can teach you: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Latin , Esperanto, Ukrainian , Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew and Turkish.

From today you can learn a language! Start with easy lessons for beginners (A1) but quickly progress to language learning from interesting, authentic content. Start your language learning journey today!

Our accelerated reader for language learners contains thousands of lessons, podcasts, books, interviews and more, all with transcriptions. With our language app, you can even import and learn languages ​​from any content you can find on the web! Use LingQ as an audio book player and read along to learn a new language. Listen and read podcasts.

Listen to the lessons and follow the text. Look it up and learn new words and phrases. Keep track of which words you know and which words are new to you. Watch your vocabulary grow! Track all your language learning activities including listening time, reading words and more. You’ll be learning a language in no time!

Review and learn vocabulary in context and with SRS (Spaced Repetition System) repetition tools. Register your account and get your data synced to our web application so you can start learning languages ​​both on web and mobile. With the LingQ app, you can also learn languages ​​offline and sync when you’re back online. This allows you to use dead times and short breaks throughout the day to spend more time learning your new language.

No other app will help you learn languages ​​faster. LingQ brings you to the language flow!


* Learn all available languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Swedish, Korean, Dutch, Polish and Greek. (Enable additional beta languages ​​via our web version: Norwegian, Latin, Esperanto, Ukrainian, Czech, Romanian, Arabic, Finnish, Hebrew, Turkish. These languages ​​will then be available in the app.)

* Learn a new language with spoken storytelling, TPRS and thousands of hours of downloadable audio MP3 files, all with transcription. Podcasts, Audiobooks and more

* Look up and learn new vocabulary using built-in dictionary resources

* Review and learn vocabulary with SRS (Spaced Repetition System).

* Learn New Words: Track how many words you know, which words are new and which ones you are learning

* Keep all your voice app stats including listening and reading time

* Use the playlist to learn a new language: just play and shuffle all your current lessons

* Sync word data, playlist data, and lesson data to the web and across devices

* Learn languages ​​offline and update your details when you’re back online

* Receive notifications for all LingQ web and mobile learning activity, including web forum and tutor activity

* Manage and learn all your saved vocabulary

* View your language learning goals and measure your progress

* Watch your avatar grow as you learn new words and learn languages

“Built by language learners for language learners!”

LingQ co-founder Steve Kaufmann, one of the world’s leading polyglots, learned 15 languages ​​using this approach. Steve is the “godfather of language learning”

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• Unlimited LingQs – Find and save all new words and phrases in our reader

• Word Tracking – Track familiar words and new words to speed up your learning

• Unlimited vocabulary repetition: SRS (Spaced Repetition System)

• Unlimited Imports – Import and study texts from the web

• 50% discount on online tutoring


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What’s new:

– Correction of Japanese and Chinese text;

– Reader Text improvements;

– Sentences in index cards;

– The word status is automatically increased when checking;

– Save and remove all lesson options in the course overview;

– User interface improvements;

– Several bug fixes.

The app has no ads

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