RedBox TV v2.4 [Custom Adaptive Mods + A13] Download

RedBoxTV v2.4 [Custom Adaptive Mods + A13]
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: RedBox TV is a FREE live streaming app where we have collected hundreds of streams from around the web under one roof





RedBox TV has only collected the streams from the Internet and divided them into different categories. We do not own these streams and cannot guarantee a stable/reliable service. Please subscribe to a suitable service provider in your area to get better and reliable service.

What’s new:
-No changelog

Tested on A12Boxes, A11Boxes, Gen3FS, 4kMaxFS, SmartFireTV, SmartAndroidTV, 7 older boxes, 6,7,8,9,10,11 phones and 6 diff tablets
Requires a 100% clean install
No mouse switch required

Several channels only play with the default Android player

Some older phones may have issues with the official app
Therefore, all mods can also have problems

Original mod details from Hifi2007:
Ads removed
trash removed
package changed
location removed
No forced update (NFU)
Signature verification disabled
Additional permissions removed
Analytics/receivers disabled
Removed banner placeholders/popups
Removed Hidden Ads tab from side menu
Removed Luminati Network splash screen
Disabled permission prompt to help OS 11 users
Optimized graphics/cleaned resources for faster loading
All calls/activities running services from the Luminati network have been disabled
*Added custom adaptive mods with reduced/larger logos/banners upon request
>>>Android 13 Extras:
Removed protected libraries
The protected asset’s files have been removed

The app has no ads

More info:

Download instructions: [Mod Credits Hifi2007/Custom Spydog]
Custom Adaptive Mod Mobile/Firesticks/Non-AtvBoxes/3rdPartyTvLaunchers 9.03MB

Mirror: … nchers.apk

Custom Adaptive Mod OnnBox/AndroidTV Standard Launcher 9.02 MB

Mirror: … roidTV.apk

Custom Adaptive Mod OnnStick Only! Default launcher 9.03 MB


Android 13 for mobile devices only!


Problems downloading? To read The

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