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Overview: Be the first to hear market-moving news and analysis on the stocks you follow.

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Be the first to hear market-moving news and analysis on the stocks you follow.

• Concise, real-time news stories crafted for quick reading.
• Market movement analysis by investors and industry experts.
• Instant notifications of news and analysis on your stocks.

Seeking Alpha is the leading crowdsourced equity research platform with over 8,000 contributors. Unlike other stock market research platforms, investment insights are provided by buyers, investors, and industry experts, not seller analysts.

Seeking Alpha has three outstanding features:

• Breadth: Our community-focused approach results in a remarkable breadth of unique coverage, including thousands of small-cap and mid-cap companies.
• Depth: More than 8,000 authors contribute over 5,000 editorially curated articles monthly. Our community of over 2,500,000 registered users contributes to an informed and sophisticated discussion.
• Influence: Seeking Alpha articles often move stocks due to a large and influential readership that includes wealth managers, investors, business leaders, journalists and bloggers.

Seeking Alpha mainly covers the US stock market. Visit for more information

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions to improve the portfolio app, please email:


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