Todai Chinese: Learn Chinese v1.6.6 [Premium] Download

Chinese Today: Learn Chinese v1.6.6 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.4 and later
Overview: Daily Chinese News (Easy Chinese News) makes learning and practicing Mandarin Chinese more fun!


Learning and practicing Mandarin Chinese is more fun with Daily Chinese News (Easy Chinese News)

The leading all-in-one Chinese self-learning app is popular in over 160 countries around the world. Help Chinese learners practice reading and listening, learn vocabulary, look up dictionaries, practice HSK, daily news updates and many other interesting features.

Main Features:
– Practice reading Chinese: from easy to hard, diverse topics in different fields such as business, finance, technology, entertainment, society, travel, career, sports, music, food and more. News is updated daily from reputable sources. Practice reading Chinese with pinyin or without pinyin. Integrate the lookup function of words and sentences directly into the article with just 1 click
– Practice Chinese Listening: Integrate all effective Chinese listening training tools, such as: B. Chinese audio, podcasts and videos.
– Learn Vocabulary: Memorize vocabulary and Chinese characters, learn Chinese vocabulary through flashcards every day to help you memorize Chinese characters and vocabulary faster. Learning vocabulary through context helps improve communication skills.
– Practice HSK Chinese: more than 170 mock tests from HSK 1 to HSK 6
– Chinese Dictionary: Look up Chinese vocabulary, Chinese characters and grammar. Use OCR word recognition technology to quickly and conveniently look up images by handwriting

Huge database with +31 076 Chinese messages, +173 386 vocabulary words, +169 736 examples and more than 2000 grammars updated regularly. Download Todai Chinese now!

Interesting online lectures, deep understanding, long understanding
The videos are regularly updated, diverse areas and topics:
>> Learn Mandarin Chinese through News Videos
>> Read Chinese News in Business News Videos
>> Practice listening Chinese through videos with script, pinyin
>> Learn Mandarin Chinese by yourself, learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary through the vocabulary list in the video

Practice listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese from basic to intermediate level

Chinese self-study, practice listening and speaking Mandarin Chinese through real-life situations. Learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary the passive but extremely effective way.

Listen to phrases that appear in news and stories. Repeat to practice speaking. Choose to listen again to rate your voice.
With Todai Chinese – Learn Mandarin Chinese you can practice listening with 6 different voices and easily adjust the reading speed.

Memorize vocabulary 80% faster
Todai Chinese – Learn Mandarin Chinese provides you a method to learn Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and learn Mandarin Chinese effectively by reading newspapers. Learn vocabulary while updating news.

>> Vocabulary highlighted in color, easy to learn depending on HSK level
>> Selection of pinyin on/off mode
>> Learn Simplified Chinese, learn Traditional Chinese easily at the same time
>> Built-in Chinese-English dictionary, look up words directly while reading newspaper
>> Practice translating articles and reading Chinese news
>> Save words in your notebook and repeat them easily

Conquer HSK confidently
– Conquer Chinese vocabulary HSK 1 – HSK 6: easy to understand, easy to look up with Chinese – English dictionary, practice with flashcards.
– Learn vocabulary with examples and pictures.
– HSK exam preparation for all levels, 180 HSK practice tests, easy to practice, aim for your goals.
– HSK exam questions with answers and detailed explanations.

Download TODAI CHINESE now, master your Chinese!

What’s new:
– Fixed some minor bugs

☆Premium features unlocked
☆ Removed ad layout/removed ad activity
☆Optimized graphics/zipaligned
☆ Remove the default .source name from Java files;
☆ Clean package for fast loading
☆Removed debug information

The app has no ads

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